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Resizing TheaterTek

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I finally got the 1776 x 1000i resolution setup so that it runs when TheaterTek starts. But now the TheaterTek screen is tiny. I tried using the Video adjustments in Theatertek but that just adjust the video within the tiny window.

When I ran 1776x1000i before making the porfile TheaterTek didnt do this.

Any suggestions as to what adjustment to make???

thanks...it has been a longtim running to get to the point I am at. MP3's are streaming to recevier like a charm in 5.1. MYHTPC setup witrh Remote Wonder and works great...
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Use the aspect ratio editor.

Thanks Mike!! This is the last stretch for me and my HTPC setup!!
Just in case Mike's answer doesn't fix your problem......

Are you using the TT command line or a powerstrip profile to change resolutions?

If it's the latter, then it won't work and you will end up with a small window in the upper left hand of your screen. It's a timing thing between TT and PS.

The better way to do this is to launch TT with a "/RES 1776 1000" command line option. Once the movie is finished your original resolution will be restored.
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