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resolution for a g90u and hd+ scaler

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Hi, i purchased a Sony vph-g90u recently, along with a DVDO iscan hd+ with SDI... I want to run around a 106" screen in a light controlled room. Which resolution would you run for the clearist picture from a dvd player?

720p, 1080i, 1080p, and what refresh rate? i am voting 1080p 48hz

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You might want to try both 47.952 for 2-2 pulldown and 71.928 for 3-3 pulldown on NTSC at 1280p.Congratulations on the G-90 !
You might wanna clarify if that 106" is diagonal or width.
the screen size will be a 16x9 52"h x 92"w diagonal 106"...

what would be the best resolution and frequency?

thanks again.
bummer, ended up not getting my pj, it was an ebay scam, luckly i caught it...

well i purchased a g70. lets see how that turnes out.
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