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Resolution help required. I have been demoing XGA FP...

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from various sources on my PC.

I have a ATI Radeon 7500 video board which works fantastic with the projectors and my 17" TFT monitor. The TFT monitor's native resolution is 1280x1024 and when I play DVD's at that resolution everything works great.

Most XGA projectors also have no problem with 1280x1024. The Radeon 7500 has 2 video outs-digital and analog. So I feed the XGA projector the analog signal and set the display resolution (Win2000) to 1024x768.

The only problem is that the bottom 1/4 of the video screen is missing at 1024x768. The missing bottom picture is missing on both the TFT monitor & the FP-- so it's not really a projector issue. The whole image is viewable at 1280x1024. If I further take it down to 800x600, the bottom half of the video is missing.

What is going on? Why won't the PC scale the DVD video properly to 1024x768?? Is there a noticeable improvement at that resolution on an XGA FP?

Thanks in advance for any assistance! :)

- JP
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Yes. Having your XGA FP PJ going at native 1024X768X32bitX60Hz avoids scaling artifacts. Sounds like an ATI driver problem to me. ATI has problems with dual head drivers (they have problems with stability on most of their drivers). I have the cheaper Radeon VE and I have to disable one of the head to have the PJ head working right. Have you tried that yet? I know the new Radeon 7500 and 8500 supports overlays in both heads but I don't think you need both DVD image going on both heads so why not hot key the monitor head off? It may or may not solve your problem but just a thought. Another thought is to remove Hydravision as it's not necessary for the dual heads to work (at least on my Radeon VE). Hydravision seems to make my system more unstable so I disable it on desktop and then uninstalled it on Add/Remove Program in Control Panel (Win98SE). It could be Win2K problems as some time drivers are not as mature on Win2K. Have you tried the latest beta drivers for Win2K that supports Overlays? In Win98SE it's the v7199. It works well for me. In any case, good luck and I hope you solve your problem.
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outputing video to the TFT monitor (driving just one video output) I am unable to get the video to work below 1280x1024 without losing the bottom of the screen.

I will disable the hydravision- I'm not sure what it does, or why I should use it.

- JP
1024x768 the bottom 1/4 of the video is missing not only in full screen mode, but it's also missing in a smaller video window. It's like I just need to resize the window to show the missing portion of video, but no matter what size I set it to, it's always missing the video.

Very weird.
Try unplugging the TFT, see what that does...

Helped me.

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