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Hello Linux AVS'ers

I have an HTPC that Ive had XP on for a while and Id like to use Linux instead.


p4 2.4ghz

2g ram

ATI 9600 128 AGP card with DVI , vga , and svid outputs.


Sony SXRD KDS a502020 - (50 DLP TV)

With HDMI, Component and VGA inputs.

I have been using a DVI to HDMI cable to connect the video to my TV. THis works fine in windows, and works reasonably well in a fresh install of UBUNTU 8.04

A fresh install (no envy, no install of restricted driver) seems to render at 1920x1080 pretty well, and would be perfect EXCEPT, both the top and bottom taskbars are off screen, making it difficult to navigate , click icons etc. So all four edges of the desktop are just slightly off screen.

I have checked to make sure my TV is not on zoom mode, and if I change the resolution to something other that 1920x1080 all hell breaks loose.

I have tried using the ENVYNG that you can install through the Ubuntu 8.04 package manager, and when I do that the you know what hits the fan, the video goes blank and I have to reboot in recovery mode.

My main problem is that the edges of the desktop (all 4 sides) are cutoff when I use 1920 x1080 after a fresh vanilla install of 8.04.

Is this an issue with my TV, or the ATI driver?

My TV does not have DVI in , hence the DVI to HDMI cable . My tv cannot handle VGA signals at 1920 x 1080 so thats not really an option.

Any advice on how to get 1920x1080 to display properly with an

Ati 9600, Linux and my Sony TV?

Any feedback appreciated, Id really like to get rid of XP...

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