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I have an AVER M-150 which worked fine with MCE 2004 and 2005.

However, there seems to be a driver conflict between the Fusion 3 HTDV

card and the Aver, probably because they use the same or similar conexant


This is easily demonstrated by drilling down (for instance) in device manager

after installing the DVICO drivers and looking at the "AVerMedia AVerTV

MPEG Crossbar (Dual-Input) device." Some of the driver files are

overwritten with files from DVICO.

Leaving these device drivers in place causes a blue-screen on the next reboot.

Forcing the Aver files back in place by using 'update driver' in device manager

causes the fusion software to be unable to work with the DVICO HDTV card.

None of this would matter much if MCE let you use the DVICO card as an analog tuner,

but it doesn't. And for some reason MCE insists on having a recognised

analog tuner before it'll ask if you want to use your HDTV tuner during

the Settings -> TV phase.

So, I'm looking for some sage advice from the group on how to resolve these driver conflicts and make my Fusion card work in MCE.
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