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Anyone know how to restart from XMB menu?

Before you jump to conclusions, I know about the PS button on the controller. This is not an option for me, as it doesn't always work.

Here's what I am trying to do. I have Linux installed on my PS3. And as you may know, in order to boot linux, you must first select 'otheros' as the default boot system. Here's the problem:

Regardless which default boot system the PS3 is set to, you can always call up the turn off menu by holding down the PS3 button. And if your default boot mode happens to be set to PS3, you can also turn on the PS3 via the PS3 button after the system has been turned off.

However, if your default boot system is set to 'otheros', and you turn off the system, the sixaxis controller no longer responds after the system has been turned off. Therefore, you can't restart the PS3 via the controller...

This is annoying since, I switch between Linux and PS3 often. Anyone running into the same issue?
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