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Just bought a Denon 987 AV Receiver and a set of Kef 3005 speakers. My TV is a Sony KD-36XS955 (a CRT) and is positioned in the corner of the room - so it sticks out quite far from the wall. The top of the TV is curved so it is next to impossible to set my center speaker on it. The wall seems pretty far back for positioning.

I thought about placing the center speaker on top of the 987 - which is directly located below the TV in the stand.

If I remove the 987 and just place the speaker by itself on the shelf, there is not enough width to fit anything else.

There is still lots of breathing room with the speaker on the 987 and it actually looks pretty good. BUT!!! Am I causing any damage to 987 or the speaker somehow?

I can just imagine I am unknowingly violating some extremely well known stereo set up law ... rule #12 - what ever you do NEVER place your center speaker on top of an AV Receiver or your room could explode at 75 degrees F.

So ... is this ok or a bad idea?
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