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Retubing process for Sony 12XX

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I have recently purchased a Sony 1271 that is in relatively good shape, except for the blue tube. The unit has about 2200 hours on the tubes. Red and green look good, but blue has definite burn.

I have seen tubes for sale from projectorspecs.com and what I am wondering is:

  1. Is it possible to put a new tube in yourself?
  2. Can you replace just the blue tube?
  3. What exactly is involved with replacing the tubes?
  4. What are the risks with replacing the tube?[/list=1]

    I know this can be done by a professional and that I can always buy another unit but I am really interested in tackling this myself.


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I have not personally done it but others I know have and it takes about 1 hour and is fairly straight forward. Of course everthing must be reset G2, bias, gain astig etc.

2200 hours is not much use and the blue should not be burnt unless G2 and gain is to high. Search the archives for settings.

Projectorspecs will walk you thru it.

Would you change the alternator in your car if you had time? I've changed alternators before, they are not difficult. You do have to understand electronics a bit and there are a thousand ways to do it wrong and only one way to do it right.

On the other hand not many people get shocked when changing the alternator and it's reletively safe if you don't have a pace-maker. The inside of your projector is a lot more deadly in terms of high voltage.

If your very handy you could give it a try. If you have someone do it for you though it may be safer for you and your investment. You run the risk of damaging yourself and/or your projector by doing it yourself.

To answer your specific questions.

1) Yes, it's possible to put a new tube in yourself

2) Yes, you can replace just the blue tube

3) I haven't done one myself so someone else will have to adress this but you do need to set deflection, astigmatism, G2, Bias, and Gain as mentioned above. The lens will also need to be removed and maybe the HV Block. Definitley get a service manual for reference.

4) You could damage the lens, the tube, and/or the projector itself. You could also be subject to potentially fatal electrical shock.

Good Luck,

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Thanks everyone. I think that I can live with the burn on the blue for awhile. I took the lenses off today and wiped out all the crap on those and on the CRT faces. R & G were pretty clean but blue was filthy! Still have the burn on the blue but it seems to be less noticeable.

I will probably wait until after the first of the year to change out the blue CRT.

In the mean time, how would I use the Bias and Gain settings to make the burn less noticeable, or is this even possible?

Here is a link to setup the G2:


Plus here is an old post that discusses Bias and Gain:

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