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Returning Directv?

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I this posted in the wrong forum, lol. Here are the posts so far:


I think I'm going to return my directv system--I've had nothing but problems with it for the first 25 days I've had it. I haven't sent in the rebate yet, so I should be ok there. For some reason, half the transponders don't want to show up--I'll get an 80 or higher on half of them, then 0 on the others. There are some trees and stuff that could be causing a problem, but I'm not sure. I installed my parents in a snap without a hitch--they don't seem to ever have any of these problems. Btw, since I'm in a rental house I pretty much had to install it myself (my only option was a pole in the back yard).

My question is, is there any problem with returning it within the first 30 days? Just having a terrible time with it, and my wife's getting pissed too. Thanks


Sounds like it's defective, is it one of the PhaseIII oval dishes? There have been lots of problems reported with them. If the transponders at 101 are missing, are they even or odd? The receiver may not be sending out the right voltage to control the LNB or the LNB may be defective. I assume you checked your cabling, a stray wire from the shield can cause havoc too.

Why not just exchange the whole system?

Matt L

It is normal to see 0 on 4, 12, 18, 20, 26, 28 on 101 in some areas. Those transponders are on DirecTV4S, the spotbeam bird at 101. Check the map below to see to see if any spotbeams cover your area. If your havingproblems with other tps, then it is a problem with yor LNB or switch (if you have one).



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Okay, the directv guys are being total asses to me. The tell me to check my signal (which is 80+ on transponder 2). So that's fine. Then they try and tell me that my reception problem is because I'm on a pole and not a tripod, lol. Then they say that they'll send somebody out--and I say, what if it's my location (I lost signal for 4 days when it snowed). You may be able to fix it now, but what about the next time it snows? Instead of "that could be a problem" I got "we'll send a technician out".

I said you're not listening to me--there are some trees that might be in the way (I can't tell 100%), and when it snowed on the leaves I'm 99% sure that caused the signal to go out. He said "well then we can send a tech out, and if it's your location then we won't charge you the $150". And I said, well, that's fine but by then the 30days will be up at best buy. He said "I'm sorry, but that's all we can do". What a bunch of crap. On top of that, they never gave me a contract so I don't even know else I can do.

Any suggestions? This is the worst experience I've ever had in buying something. My suggestion--if you're in a questionable location, DON'T BUY DIRECTV!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely horrible.


btw, I agree that's it's probably the lnb--i'm not getting reception on any of the odd transponders. That's not what concerns me--it's the not getting reception for 4 days while there was snow on the trees, lol.
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Made one last phone call, this time to a lady. I explained my problem to her, and she seemed like she understood. She said the same thing "We can send out a technician". So I asked her, if the technician comes out will I not have to pay the $150 if I don't have line of site? She said that it wouldn't make a difference AT ALL, and that I'd still be liable for the $150 plus the programing charges till he comes in a week or two, regardless if I had line of site problems. I'll repeat again, WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! Never have I felt so cheated and misled.

Also, be warned about this--if you don't get all the channels, IT'S NOT THEIR PROBLEM!!! That's what they told me. They said as soon as I got channel 100, I was verified as having some type of line of site and that I was locked into the contract from then on. It didn't make a difference what other channels I could and couldn't get. As long as I was getting 377 and 100, that was good to them. Even if a tech came out and couldn't fix it, I'd still be liable for the $150 (exactly the opposite of what they told me 30 minutes before, lol). Could you imagine the phone company coming out, hooking up your phone line, but you could only dial 1/2 the numbers in the U.S.? And when you called to ask them 'what if you can't fix it' they say 'it's not our problem, it's yours now'.

That's my story. Hopefully some miracle happens and I don't end up getting screwed, but I doubt it. I can't believe I've been telling people to get directv for the past 2 years (I hooked up my parents, and they love it). Now I have to make sure that my brother and my best friend don't get it, lol.


Cedar Rapids, IA
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How is it Directv's fault that you installed it wrong?
Installed it wrong? Did you read my above posts?

#1. I could get signals on half the transponders, up to 80 or better. Odd ones wouldn't work at all. Obviously, I had the dish pointed in the correct direction. I tried positioning it around the yard, but it didn't solve the problem (rental house, so I had to use a post)

#2. When it snowed, I couldn't get any reception. Tried moving/adjusting the dish but the snow stuck in the trees seemed to be blocking the signal.

Those things indicate two problems: I've probably got a bad lnb or similar equipment failure, and that my line of site is impaired when the trees in the southerly direction are covered in snow (and probably when they're covered in new leaves too, but that won't happen for another couple weeks).

I feel I was misled because:

a) I asked specifically about the signal issue beforehand because I knew I would be in a borderline area, and they said it wouldn't be a problem--if I had problems, I was told that I could just return it within 30 days.

b) As the lady stated above, irregardless of whether I could receive a complete signal or not, I would be charged $150. So the tech could come out, replace my lnb, and it would work fine until the trees started leafin' out or the next snowstorm. And if you say 'I should have known', refer to a), where I asked about this issue beforehand because I thought I might be in a risky area. So I thought I would be ok if I had problems. Guess not. I guess the most disturbing part about this is that if the tech couldn't solve my problem, I still would be charged the $150 fee.

So, in conclusion, I got screwed trying to return a system because of all odd transponders failing and because of total loss of signal for 4 days due to snow (and the likely problem that new leaves would also cause this problem in a couple weeks). I'm sorry about the attitude of my posts, but if a company specifically tells you one thing and then backs out on it, that shows a total lack of class and business ethics.

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If you are only getting odd or even transponders then you most likely have a cabling issue. I have seen this where a bad connector is all that was wrong. The best way to track it down is with a volt meter. The voltage in the end of the cable coming from the receiver to the dish should fluctuate between 13 and 18 volts when the receiver is plugged in and turned on. If it doesen't you have a problem with your wiring between the box and the dish.
The 75 foot cable I have runs directly from the dish to the grounding clamp, and then I had another cable from there (all of this from the directv installation kit I got for $10 on clearance). So all the cables were brand new, and from directv installation kits. I even tried the 75 footer directly to the receiver, and still had the same problem. So unless they gave me a bad 75 ft cable, it's highly unlikely that cabling was the problem.

FWIW, if not the cables, possibly the connectors. And it isn't that uncommon. I recently added SC and found all the included cables in the kit had problems.

A less likely possibility is the LNB being bad.

I'm thinking your problem is a less than perfect aim complicated by a loose cable connector. I'm assuming you're only using the 101 sat position with no multiswitch.
If you want to replace the LNB for the hell of, and only have an 18" pointed at 101, go to WalMart. They sell dual LNBs for $35-$40, if it doesn't work you can always take it back.
Have already returned the equipment to best buy, so I can't do anymore equipment checks. Just not happy about the whole situation. Thanks for your suggestions. Would it help if I talked to a higher source or representative? Thanks

Taylor34, I believe you had a bad LNB or a bad ground circuit on one of the connector. That is the only reason you would get no signal on the odd transponders. Our install kits come with compression fittings to ensure the highest quality installation and reliability. Crimped on connectors do not deliver reliable continuity.
I had the same problem with odd transponders. Turned out my 2 ground wires were touching at the ground rod and shorting out one of my ground posts.
Pretty lame how this was obivously a wiring/lnb problem and the directv drones didn't even offer that as a problem.

Yea, DTV told me I had either a bad LNB (whick I went to the trouble of replacing) or bad multiswitch (which I also replaced). They need to start telling people to check the basics first.

But I guess that would require them to have at least a kernal of knowledge about satellite hook-ups to begin with.
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