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Revel Concerta Series vs. Monitor Audio RS Silver Series

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Hi, I am trying to decide between the monitor audio silver series and the Revel Concerta series. They are both great speaker sets, I happen to like the Revels slightly better, but not enough to justify the pricing difference. Can anyone weigh in on how the two compare? Any strengths or weaknesses that i am missing? Has anyone had a bad experience with either brand?

Also, for owners, would you recommend the dipoles?
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I like the MA RS very much, actually I was going to buy RS6 with silver center, and SFX, but after auditioning PSB Image at hundreds less, I couldn't justify getting the RS, as I found a very slight difference favoring the RS.

Your case is the same, but with RS being less expensive than Revel. Is a matter of personal choice. Personally, I find the RS to be an exceptional speaker.

Originally Posted by JonG115 /forum/post/12802832

Hi, I am trying to decide between the monitor audio silver series and the Revel Concerta series.

As long as you've listened to both, I don't think you can go wrong.

FWIW, the Concertas probably go a little lower (if that's important to you) and are rear ported, which means they'll need a bit of distance between them and the back wall (the MA's are front ported, correct?).

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Well, I suppose most MA owners will have a positive notion of the RSs and Revel owners in turn will tend to choose the Concertas.

IMO the only way to make a proper decision is to audition both brands tete a tete. Unfortunately this is not always possible.
i really think these are both excellent speakers that give great value for money. i auditioned them both extensively before going with my Rega R5 (which i of course highly recommend).

the Revels go deeper and are more dynamic (and also a touch smoother), the MA probably win in detail, clarity and build quality.
I preferred the RS over the Revels when I auditioned them (though I ended up with neither). Even better were the GS20's..... wow what a speaker. Too bad it was out of my price range.

- Jon
I'll probably get laughed at (by those that haven't auditioned them and those who believe the more money you spend the more you get audio-wise), but through extensive auditioning of dozens of brands and models, from a couple of hundred per pair to $10K per pair, I was impressed by the audio similarity of the MA RS8's to the much cheaper JBL Studio S (S312) or Studio L Series (L890) speakers. Generally speaking, MA, B&W, and JBl offer very neutral and dynamic speakers with tons of mid and top-end clarity (without and harsh, sibilant highs). If you like the sound of one brand, IMHO you'll also enjoy the sounds of the other brands' equivalent models.

The savings in cash warrant your giving the JBLs a listen...especially if you're looking at an HT application.

As for dipoles, the room size and configuration could make some difference in performace of these vs. monopoles. It's a purely subjective decision you must make. My preference is for monopoles all around, but I have a large room and utilize a 7.2 setup. A small room and a 5.1 system may auger better for dipole surrounds.

Happy hunting.
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Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, there are no dealers in my area (NE) that have both Monitors and Revels on display, so i can't A/B them. I find the revels to have a bit more presence in the room. For pretty much the same price i can get 6 month used Revels (with receipt) or get the monitors brand new. I am very torn. I agree i can't go wrong. I wish i could demo both in MY listening area. Does anyone have the revels/ma and have regrets? Since this is my first apartment, and my first HT system that my dad didn't pay for, I really want to be satisfied. I would kick myself if i bought the used speakers and they were damaged in some way. I would also kick myself if i bought the MAs and found them lacking in the same way. Any thoughts?
If you can listen to the specific set of Revels and like the way they sound when driven properly (and have a chance to look them over), I cannot see much risk of their having been damaged. If those are the speakers you prefer, then go for it!
Another thing to consider -- high quality speakers like Revels and Monitors also last a long time unless truly abused (or sacrificed to a bout of "upgradeitis.")

Disclaimer -- I own Revels, and while I would take the Concertas over the Silvers -- particularly at even cost -- these are two great sets of speakers you are considering.
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