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Just received my AA 1177 (what a funky name) which is what you can use if you run out of Digital input ports on your decoder/receiver.

The 1177 is very small. About the size of one of those A/B printer switcher boxes. It is black in color. It comes with a "wall Wart" power supply.

The 1177 has 4 inputs and 1 output. Each input can be either Coax or Toslink. The output can also be either or. It will convert Toslink to Coax or visa versa.

It also comes with some stick labels to label the inputs.

This unit is designed to work in the Auto mode, or an input can be manually selected with a small button on the front.

Above each input there is a light. If the device is turned on and there is no active signal, then the light is Green. If the input has an active signal, then the light turns to Red.

An interesting note. My DTC100 is plugged into the 1177 and even when I turn the ON button to off (green light goes out) the 1177 shows a red light which means active signal. The only way to make this stop is to unplug the DTC100 which is a no-no.

The cost of the 1177 is $129.00. You can read more about this unit on their website:

Their toll free # is 1-800-322-8346 (USA & Canada only) They take Visa and Mastercard.

It works perfectly


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