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Logitech Z-623

Logitech Z-2300

Even though Z-623 is touted by Logitech as the successor of Z-2300, I personally believe it does not packs the punch or have enough performance in it to be in the same league of Z-2300, let alone beat it. My beliefs were confirmed when my friend bought a Z-623, who also happens to owns a Z-2300. We did a full day audition of the Z-623 & compared it with the Z-2300 in every possible way, be it acoustic performance, quality of hardware used or just looks.

Note: I would recommend to read my post “Logitech Z-2300 : The Last of the Titans” prior to continuing with this comparison. A complete knowledge on Z-2300 will definitely help you to get a clearer picture about this comparison. The link to the my review of Z-2300 in this forum is provided below:

Logitech Z-2300 : The Last of the Titans


Z-2300: When Logitech introduced Z-2300 way back in 2004, it was a THX certified premium quality top of the range product. The Logitech engineers in the lab where given a clear goal i.e. to create the ultimate 2.1 multimedia speaker system in the world. They were not concerned about the price, they were more concerned about the performance & quality of the system which lead in using premium quality components, be it electronic components, speakers used, wooden casings of the subwoofers, plastic casings of the satellites and even the wires used to connect the components. Price was never an issue, performance was. This single mindedness of the engineers produced a unique product, and Z-2300 was born.

If you consider that way back in the year 2000 when Logitech was known as a cheap speaker manufacturer and could not even meet the standards of Altec Lancing let alone Klipsch computer audio products, they made a huge effort back then in order to make a big step forward and used better quality components for their THX certified audio system lineup than they have ever done before thus increasing cost. My "Price was never an issue, performance was" statement is in context of my above view. Today when we compare the Z-2300 from an el chepo manufacturer Logitech with the HiFi maker company like Klipsch producing Promedia 2.1 as a computer multimedia speaker system, you find both of them being in the same segment going head to head in terms of audio performance and in many occasions Z-2300 coming out as a clear winner. Atleast we have to give credit to Logitech that that could produce a multimedia speaker system that can meet the standards of a Klipsch product. I give full marks to Logitech only for this effort.

Z-623: Logitech introduced Z-623 in 2010 six years after Z-2300 reign. Actually I cannot recall of a 2.1 PC speaker that remained at the top of the performance charts for straight six years. They had to make the successor not because Z-2300 was getting old and becoming incompetent, believe me it is still is the king, but because the rival manufactures like Altec Lansing, Edifier, Creative, Sony etc are producing cheaper sets which claim to have the same power & performance of Z-2300 while using cheaper materials and then labeling them as their premium products. Also 2.1 speakers sets are no more the cash cows of audio manufactures, rather these companies makes a lot of profit from selling the 5.1 & 7.1 speakers sets.

Thus, I believe this time the engineers were given a strict goal during the designing phase, i.e. to make a speaker set that beats its opposition like Altec Lansing MX-6021, Sony SRS DB-500, Edifier S530 or Creative Gigaworks T3 by a small margin. Z-623 was not designed to reach the same level of acoustical performance of Z-2300, let alone beat it. After all there is no need to provide Z-2300 levels of performance when Z-2300 itself will be discontinued.

Also from the marketing point of view Z-623 having the same performance level of Z-2300 was useless since any marketing division want a system that is better than their oppositions, so they can advertise that and get the propaganda.

Consider the case of these two 200W RMS 2.1 speaker sets.

Let us assume that Altec Lancing uses hardware worth $80 and have assembling cost of $10 per set of MX-6021 and sells it at $150. Profit = 150 – (80+10) = $60

Suppose in order to beat AL MX-6021, Logitech uses hardware worth $90 and have assembling cost of $10 per set of Z-623 and sells it at $150. Profit = 150 – (90+10) = $50

So, Logitech gives hardware worth $10 more thus having more performance than MX-6021 at the same price in order to garner more sells at that price range.

Now, if Z-623 was supposed to beat Z-2300, then Logitech would have to use hardware worth $120 and have assembling cost of $10 per set of Z-623 and sells it at $150. Profit = 150 – (120+10) = $20

So, Logitech’s profit margin would have fallen from $50 to just $20 per set. And since Z-2300 will be discontinued & the current speaker sets having way below performance level than that of Z-2300, $50 profit per set was found more of a sensible option and correct from the logical point of view. If I was at the helm of Logitech I would have done that too. Unfortunately for customers, what they get is a good product but not an excellent one like Z-2300.



Audio Quality Certification: THX certified
Total RMS Power: 200W [FTC rated power]
Total Continuous Power: 120W [Estimated]
System THD: Better than 0.05% before clipping

Total Peak Power: 400W

Power distribution: 120 W (Subwoofer) + 2 X 40 W (Satellites)

Subwoofer: 120 W @ 8 ohms

Subwoofer Size (inch): 8

Satellites: 80 W (2 X 40 W) @ 8 ohms

Satellite Size (inch): 2.5
Frequency response: 35 Hz - 20 kHz
Signal to noise ratio(SNR): @ 1kHz > 100dB
Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 117db

Subwoofer dimensions(HWD): 11" X 11" X 15"

Satellite dimensions(HWD): 6.75" X 3.5" X 6"
Total weight : 15 Kg


Audio Quality Certification: THX certified
Total Power: 200W

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My brother just recently purchased the Z-623 to replace an really old cheap PC speakers. First thing I noticed when comparing to my Z-2300 is that it seems to sound much louder. Can't get the volume knob to pass half-way without blowing my ear drum off. Yet music still sound good at that level. However the bass is not as boomy as the Z-2300. Almost a little quite, couldn't really hear it when music was playing.

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