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some specs...


display concept

input signal compatibility

projection lens

video processing





projection modes

operating noise level



available colours

HD2 Mustang DLPâ„¢ technology

1280 x 720 resolution (16:9 wide screen)

6-segment, 5-speed RGBRGB colour wheel

1080i, 720p, 576i / 576p, 480i / 480p, PAL SECAM, NTSC

digital and analog RGB

1.3x manual zoom glass lens, 1.75 - 2.25 : 1 throw ratio

DCDiâ„¢ by Faroudja

2300 : 1 (max)

continously adjustable 600 - 1200 ANSI lumens

YPBPR x2 component video






12V trigger x2 (screen drop, aspect ratio)

IR remote control, with IR repeater input


front / rear / tabletop / ceiling

28 dB

3.0 kg

IR remote control, installation cable cover,

optional air duct,

optional 1:1 wide angle lens

satin gold, maranello blue, pearl white


March 12 2003 CeBit - Hannover, Germany

Hannover, 12/03/2003 – projectiondesign today revealed the company’s first dedicated Home Theatre projector, the Action! model one.

Hannover, 12/03/2003 – projectiondesign today revealed the company’s first dedicated Home Theatre projector, the Action! model one. Based on the experiences from the award winning F1 projector platform, it is targeted at the high end Home Theatre market, utilising all the latest technology advances to yield superior video performance for the discerning user.

The Action! model one firmly reassures projectiondesign’s position as a quality manufacturer of high performance projectors. Based on Texas Instruments® recognised DLP™ technology, and using the much coveted 1280 x 720 resolution Mustang HD2 High Definition DMD™ chip, the model one has performance superior to most competing projectors. The prism-less optical design features an all-glass zoom lens, 2,300:1 maximum contrast ratio, dual brightness modes, and a 6-segment, 5x speed one-piece crystal colour wheel for superior colour reproduction and maximum impacting images. For video processing, the model one uses the patented and award winning DCDi™ progressive scan engine by Faroudja, effectively eliminating video signal artefacts and performing film mode processing. Projectiondesign’s unique integrated design concept ensures all components are tightly matched, and performs as part of a system that is geared for high video performance.

In addition to maximising image quality and video performance, projectiondesign understands the impact of a visually appealing, yet sophisticated looking projector for the home. Sharing the aesthetic industrial design virtues with the F1, a projector awarded for its’ attractive design and great looks, the model one is utilising the same full-magnesium chassis, and comes in a classy satin gold colour to seamlessly match with interiors and home theatre settings. Its’ small size and low weight - only 3 kg - enables the model one to be mounted on the ceiling in any living room without becoming obtrusive, yet is attractive and stylish. Targeted mainly at a film- and video loving audience, the low operating noise of only 28dB(A) ensures that the movie theatre experience is kept intact, and even the lowest audible details can be heard.

The model one is delivered standard with a cable cover that conceals all cables when installed on the ceiling, and has an optional wide angle lens to allow large images in small spaces. It features full digital and analogue connectivity, and is targeted at custom installers as well as end users, with its’ extensive control options, including RS232 control interface, firmware upgradeability, 12V triggers and discrete remote control.

Recommended retail price for the Action! model one is €10.000 inclusive VAT.

not sure if this is euros or pounds??

are they sold in the US at the moment?

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They are being sold (think the deal has finished now) from Norway at 60000 NoK and that included a 24% tax that non Norway buyers would not pay... They will go up to 90000 NoK when the special ends...

I came within a hair or ending up with one of these but some snags in availablility / supply mean I will end up with a Sharp...

They will be sold in the US as the iVision HD. There is some discussion ovr on avforum.no >30Nok projector forum.

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Depends on if there are associated sales taxes...

Considering HK prices I would call it mrginally high for the region...
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