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review of sony 46v2500

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ok...after two days with the set my review is as follows.

after reading all the cloud issues about the sonys i decided to purchase one anyways. i did this because of a deal for $1999 that included the sony 46v2500 plus a ps3 plus a ps3 remote. i did notice some very very very minor clouding on the right hand side of the set but it isn't noticable unless you really look for it, which i was after reading all the clouding posts,it isn't an issue that would affect any normal viewing (my tv has a oct. 2007 manufactuter date so maybe sony fixed the problem they were having with earlir sets or i got lucky). also seems with more viewing it is getting less and less noticable. the bluray and ps3 look fantastic. the picture is vibrant and clear with some proper calibration...blacks are good too. i would say for the money this tv is recommended. if you do plan on buying one it would help if you weren't all OCD like me and look for clouds. overall, i would say i am pleased. i hope this review is helpful for anyone trying to decide weither to buy the sony 46v2500 or not.
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update: i returned the set that had minor clouding because i ended up being so OCD about it. i had that set for 2 days. i am now on my second kdl 46v2500 and backlight seems to be more even than my first. there was one cloud on the upper right of the screen but i just massaged it with a 100% cotton t-shirt and it slowly went away so this set has no clouding. this set also has a manufacture date of Jan. 2008 with my first set a oct. 2008. i basically got a newly built TV (this is kinda nice). the only thing bad that i can say about this tv is that hdmi is 1.2 and the blacks aren't as black as i would like but nothing a little "adjusting" can't fix. as far as not having 1.3 hdmi.....who cares, will i be able to see the difference anyway? i am second guessing myself a bit by not buying the samsung LNT4661F because of the extra hdmi and the 10,000:1 contrast instead of 7,000:1 but i think i may be nit picking.
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