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I've had my Philips 30PW9815 3" 16:9 HDTV for more than 5 months now and have arrived at some conclusions:

First, the quality of this unit is way below what one might expect for a $ 2500 device. The picture quality, by itself, is fine. It's the details ( and one MAJOR flaw ).

The major problem is that when I had my Panasonic TU-HDS20 STB connected to the HDTV inputs, the picture was unstable vertically ( it would intermittently slowly roll down, then snap back up ) on the other inputs ( cable box, progressive scan DVD and VCR ).

Annoyances are as follows:

- The menu is painfully slow. WAYYY slow.

- When the set comes on, audio does not work. You must use

the input-select button to cycle through the inputs before

sound comes on.

- When cycling through the (now empty) HDTV input, the picture

aspect ratio is forced to "wide screen". Then, when you select

the cable input ( 4:3 ), everything is distorted to screen-filling

"wide screen" mode. You are unable to fix this by using the

menu while looking at 4:3 input. Selecting 4:3 on the display

aspect ratio setting has no effect. You must cycle to an unused

input, change the aspect ratio, then select cable input.

In short, this is a terribly bad buy. DON'T DO IT!
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