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I Suppose it is time for me to give back to the community that has given me so much information. When I was looking at buying this TV, I could find very little information on it, the PQ, etc. So thus we have my Philips 9631D/37 review!

Ok, on to the review.


I must say that I am really impressed with the SD PQ. I am a broke college student, so acquiring the necessary funds for this purchase was a feat in it's own. Thus I cannot afford HDTV service. I was prepared to very very disappointed, but to my surprize, the SD PQ was marvelous compared to other HDTVs.

The LCD is also used as my main PC monitor. Again, great PQ in the desktop environment as well as in games.

DVDs through my non progressive scan DVD player (The below example that of an anime over a decade old) is also really good. But now that I have an XBOX360, progressive scan is mighty fine as well.

HD sources you say? All I have in that department is the XBOX360- purchased after taking the above pics... I have not been able to steal my girlfriends DSLR to take more pictures quite yet.

Blacks. Good for an LCD I believe, but I have no calibration disks, so better quality in that area which I have not yet seen is totally possible.

PQ score- 10/10


Very disappointing. Was already planning on getting a 5.1 setup, so really I'm not too bothered. Not that it doesn't sound good, but I like my TVs LOUD, and the speakers start giving distortion just as the room is full of sound. Add to that the fact that I work in Mobile Audio at a big box store and so I have a pretty good ear.

Audio score- 6/10


Ambilight. Some swear by it, some hate it. What is for sure is that there's not a whole lot of middle ground. Personally, I L O V E it. To me, switching between ambilight on and off made me realize that with it on, the screen seemed a good 3-4 inches larger. Ambilight also seems to make you feel that much more connected to whatever you're watching/playing (WoW with it's vibrant colors make very good use of the ambilight).

Connections- started A/V connections. I would have like more than one HDMI input, or even one HDMI + one DVI, but it will certainly be easy to work with.

Remote. I guess it's fine. It does what it's supposed to.

The menu is a little tough to get used to, but then you get used to it. No problems there.

USB port- can't say that I have much of a need to view photos on my TV as I have it connected to my PC, but still a nice feature.

BONUS! As I said, broke college student, etc. Note that I only have basic cable, which typically does not include music channels (yes, I have MTV, VH1, whatnot- I mean the genre specific channels). Don't ask me how, because I dont know, but when the TV scanned the channels, it found the music channels as well. Score!

Feature/Gizmos/Whatnot score: 10/10

Final score- 26/30 = 87%

(Likely I would not even rate the best TV in the world as over 93-94% Just how I am.)

I am extremely happy with this TV, and I do not think I could have made a better choice on my budget, or even a budget 500$ more that I spent.

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SD- The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Desktop. Icons are really blown out in this pic. In real life, the Black is BLACK and the Icons are just as they were on my 19'' CRT. Beautiful.

PC Game- WoW

PC Game- F.E.A.R
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