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I have this nice receiver, and have never mastered the Zone 2. I have 7 speakers plus a sub in my main room. Additionally, a speaker i the dining room and one on the patio.

Now that I have a Blue Ray Player with Pandora, I thought I'd try to set this up again. I've not had the DR or Patio speakers connected.

I got the book out, and went behind the scenes on the equipment. I see that my zone 2 speaker connections are used by my surround speakers. The only connections open are the front "B".

I found some RCA connectors and have them in the back of the BR, (it is already connected to the receiver via HDMI) for daily use..

So, can I do this? and if I can, where exactly do I plug the RCA's? There are so many connections and I haven't dealt with it for 3 years almost. (I have a programmable Harmony so never use the remote for the 887). I have a notebook with all my connections listed in case of disaster.
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