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revo 7.1 analog vs spdif

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I have been testing the analog(CSII) vs spdif(Kernel Streaming) for Mp3 playback into my Denon 5700. With analog output the volume of the music not nearly as loud as with spdif. For approximatly the same decibles i need to set it to 25 for analog vs 35 for spdif(using 5-chanel stereo). The base is also much less profound. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it something with my setup. I have tried several different settings in the m-audio control pannel with no real improvement, and have installed the latest drivers off of m-audio's site.

I am more than satisfied with the spdif though since it is a remarkable improvement over the fortissimo II card I had previously installed. But I wanted to use the analog setup to give 7.1 a try.
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Well if you're uisng CSII for analog out, what processing mode are you using on the receiver for SPDIF? Make sure you're not comparing apples and oranges. Also not that for analog mode, you need to make sure you have the bass management set up appropriately in the M-Audio software.

FWIW I've found that most DSP modes for 2-channel music, such as PL2, DTS:Neo, etc tend to affect the tonal balance of the music to varying degrees, so I wouldn't be surprised to find the same thing holds true for CSII. I still prefer plain old stereo for 2-channel music.
Are you sure you are using the latest driver? The latest driver fixed a bug/feature that had resulted in about 6db reduction in volume on the analog out when bass management was turned on. Does turning on and off bass management effect your volume levels?

Also, it may just be me and my sub and room acoustics, but I found that even with the latest driver, if I did not leave my REVO subwoofer output level (in analog out mode) set to max, I did measure a loss of bass response in the 20-30hz range. I ended up calibrating with the subwoofer level maxed, and used the sub's amp volume control and the other output levels to compensate.

Since you're saying the SPDIF is louder than the analog output, I'm assuming you meant -35dB (SPDIF) was equivalent to -25dB (for analog)?

What OS are you running? I just installed a Revo in my Win2000 HTPC and I keep losing my SPDIF signal; see my post for more detail. I'm wondering if the problem is related to their Win2000 driver...
"For approximatly the same decibles i need to set it to 25 for analog vs 35 for spdif(using 5-chanel stereo)."

You need to compare apples to apples such as CSII to DLP or DLPII because 5-channel stereo (and 7-channel stereo) does not work the same as the other DSP modes.

In 5-channel stereo the full volume is sent to the front L/R speakers and repeated at full volume in the surround speakers causing an increase of +3dB while the front L/F are summed for the center speaker increasing the overall volume by another 3dB (or more).

CSII and DPL does not provide full volume for surround speakers.
Cliff, can CSII be applied to games, MyHD, 2-channel dvd?
Originally posted by ps24eva
Cliff, can CSII be applied to games, MyHD, 2-channel dvd?
What are people's opinions regarding just how good CSII is at making a coherent-sounding 5.1 mix out of pro logic 2.0 movie soundtracks? I'm mostly concerned about movies. I'd like to watch my 2.0 LDs through my HTPC with their sweet, sweet PCM sound in matrixed 5.1 sound. How well do CSII, DPLII, and DTSNeo6 stack up against each other with 2.0 pro logic encoded movies (as opposed to music)? Also, are there any good links someone could post to find out more about these?
Information on CSII can be found at


With the right AV Receiver, you can do an A, B, C comparison. Models that feature this capability are:

Kenwood VR-6050

Kenwood VR-6060

Kenwood VR-6070

Marantz SR7300

Marantz SR7300OSE

Marantz SR8300

Marantz SR9300

Marantz SR 6300

Theta Casablanca II (may not be out yet)

If at all possible, bring your favorite source material to your favorite home theater store that carries these models and do a comparison.
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