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Revo 7.1 vs TerraTec Aureon Space 7.1?

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In researching for a soundcard, i've narrowed it down to these two choices. An M-Audio Revo 7.1 which most everyone here is familiar with, or the TerraTec Aureon Space: http://www.jdsound.com/store/product...roduct_ID=1215

For those who don't know much about this card, here are some more sites:

I can't decide, I would rather use optical audio to avoid the possibility of electrical humming(like hearing the DVD drive or Hard rive run through the audio), however digital coax is acceptable. Problem is reviews of the TerraTec Aureon Space are few and far between, but I've yet to find a negative one. However same goes with Revo only there are more reviews.

Keep in mind, this will mostly be used for DVDs, and I want the best audio possible. I'll probably hook up the analog left and right channels to my receiver for the music, I know everyone raves about the dacs in the Revo, but it's said the Aureon Space's dacs are equal to the Revo.

So can anyone help me decide?
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There's also the Pridigy 7.1 from audiotrack. I haven't heard anything about it other than reading the specs, and it has 24/96 and all that jazz. It also has 2 analog inputs.

I was pretty much ready to pick up the REVO, but now I'm looking at other options b/c everyone keeps complaining about the drivers and it seems that DVD-a with the revo is a dead issue....

Then again I could be wrong- so any info of comparisons would be nice.
One thing that the Revo seems to have over everybody else is the speaker-management (and CSII, I think). If you don't need the per-speaker distance offsets and x-overs, then another card migiht be better. Otheriwse, you have "no choice" since the Revo is the only one with that level of configuration.
My reciever can do the speaker distance.
Do either of the mentioned cards above support ASIO with SPDIF?

I ended up buying the Revo purely because I use 6ch analogue and the Revo software allows bass/speaker management.

I did want the Terratec as it is a better quality board - gold jack sockets - optical in and out. But, it does not have bass/speaker management, I have spoken to a Terratec engineer about this and they are not interested and have no plans to introduce this.

If all you are planning to do is use S/Pdif and 2 channels then buy the Terratec. More expensive but better quality - also without the driver issues of the Revo.
M-Audio has much better tech support than terratec. Soundquality is also apparantly a bit better on the revo.
The Prodigy 7.1 is probably a better alternative to the Revo. It appears to have some sort of DSP.

Seems to be using the VIA Envy24HT, just like everyone else, hence, no DSP.
Judging by that review, the Aureon Space 7.1 should be plenty for DVD viewing.
Featuring Advanced NSP ( Native Sound Processing )
I didn't have to look far down the Prodigy page to find that.
Sounds like the software equivalent of those dorky DSP modes on my old receiver that I never used. I don't really see what the value is in that. How much do these other Envy24-based cards cost compared to the Revo.
Audiotrak Prodigy 7.1 and Terratec Aureon Space 7.1 seems to be completely identical cards..
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