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At the request of some, this is a semi biased review of this unit from another post.


When Sony invented Digital Audio Recording it took the world leader in analog recording , STUDER, under.

This oviously affected the sister company REVOX. REVOX however has been held in very high esteem by many audiophiles worldwide, not only for it's Reel to reel and tangeial tracking LP machines, but for their superb FM tuners, and power amplification. While not pursuing the esoteric, REVOX is supreme in "Studio Sound". Very honest , dynamic and neutral.

The speakers look like the bang olufsen , but blow them out of the water in dynamics and soundstage. Very Broad soundstage, and a level of clarity close to the Meridian 5000's, with less in your face midrange, but less bass extension. Overall when listening to DTS cd's I like it much better, than both the smaller Meridian or the McIntosh HT set. The meridian when set to DD Mix mode is much better though, but we are talking about an investment three times the price of the REVOX. The speakers sound defy their size.

Picture wise the DVD player module inside the M-51 is the best I have ever used, Faroudja, Denon THX, sony770, mer 580, mer 800,toshiba, panasonic. Etc. Plus it is Pal as well. But then again I do not go looking for artifacts in a specific chapter of a specific movie. And most people don't.

I don't believe in progressive players. So all of the above are interlaced. And the monitor with which it mates so well is the fujitsu. Disc loading & transport reponsivenes is the fastest I have experienced, it does not get bogged by some disc's problem menus, you press skip and presto. This prompt response servo circuitry comes from the studio heritage.

Of course the Fujitsu processor happens to work well with the unit. I lucked out.

It is built like a tank. The front panel of solid aluminum chunk, the circuitry assembly and card rack make the Meridians 861 construction look K mart.

There is a massive Silver dipped toroidal, several power supply stages. rs 232.


The lcd display is very user friendly and reports what is going on at a distance. It can also be used as a music sever menu display from the M-57.

The whole thing CAN be operated with your toes (socks on please). Including initial setup.

The volume potentiometer is very sexy and is the same potentiometer/knob used previously by Studer in the studio console.

It looks like a compact studio console. Unless Day Sequerra is still in business this is probably the finest FM tuner period.

It uses the same surround processing chip as in the acclaimed TagMcLaren, Krell, and countless other high end processors. A company called digital circuits or something to that effect. A new PL2 card will come out as well as internal DVD audio. You can add multiple Fm cards , or digital radio cards in the future to feed four independent music zones for which it includes all switching, sleep, and timer events. The M-57 is a matching 4050 hour cd server for four zones. You can feed long runs of cat 5 shielded wire from room amp to room amp for the remainding three zones. 3rd party Touchpanels and keypads can control the whole 4 zones and theater via one single rs-232 point. The remote rooms' amps have a local input each, and are available as amps, preamps, or subs with amps.

But DVD recievers are not viewed as High End Products, and the american audiophile press is not particulary biased towards this brand. It will take awhile but you will see excellent reviews in the rags, perhaps as early as Xmas. The word will spread.

In dealing with the swiss and german engineers they are very forthcoming and precise about what is coming down the pike and when, and what will never happen. An experience wholly other that what I had with Meridian, when I was the second largest dealer in the state and sold several 12 channel surround systems only to be left sitting on a pile of digital speakers when they decided not to do 12 channels.

Not to mention the total lack of communication with Japanese Manufacturers (Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Sony). It is the hottest thing in Europe and the Far east right now. Hopefuly Miami will follow.

The average excutive that demos the system leaves convinced that this is some of the best Surround Sound they have ever heard. We even have two clients that also own ESOTERIC TUBE audio only setups. And they are thrilled with the REVOX surround.

Yes I am a dealer, but I am a dealer because I know a good thing when I see it. If the clients' unit goes down, I'll swap it. Quite frankly I doubt this units will ever fail. They are that perfectly built. A steal at 7K.

Take with a grain of salt if youd like , but tis' my candid asessment.

The product is not for everyone, but it packs a whallop. If they aimed to overtake the Bang & Olufsen market when they planned this, they sure will. What is amazing to me is the amount of business they can take from Meridian's medium range. Not Doody's Higher end system of course.
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