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REW & FDP questions

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Ok I'm about to dive into REW but I'm not sure which meter/mic I should get.

I know the Radio Shack meter does both functions but people say that its not quite as accurate as other options. So should I get the Galaxy SPL meter instead? If so which one, the 130 or 140?

Also if I get the Galaxy do I need to get a separate mic like the Behringer ecm8000?

Finally I've only heard of people using REW/FDP to calibrate their subs. Can you use it to calibrate the rest of your speakers as well?

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You might want to check out this page and forum (it also links to the AVS thread)

and then post in the HomeTheaterShack forum or the AVS thread.


The RS meter has good correction tables available for the low end, but is not a good choice for full range measurements.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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