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RF Remote for HTPC

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Looking for a RF remote to control my future HTPC (Win7 MCE or MythTV). Looking for a clean setup. I'd also like to control the TV volume too. Most likely will use the case nMEDIAPC 1080P.

What are the options?
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My HTPC and AVR are in the basement connected to the TV and speakers on the main floor so I use the XSight Touch remote which is a combination RF/IR remote. It controls the TV via IR but for the HTPC/AVR, it sends an RF signal to the basement where I have the XSight Touch Extender which then blasts the IR signal to the HTPC/AVR. No IR eye needed on the main floor. I'm quite happy with the setup but more importantly, so is my wife.

Edit: I've considered getting a Keyspan RF Media Center remote and seeing if the XSight Touch will work with the Keyspan RF receiver. Haven't done it though since It still wouldn't control the AVR. Maybe when I get an RS-232 capable AVR and can control it with the HTPC.
URC has a number of remotes that have RF options (with base stations) from, I think, $80 for both remote and base station, on up.

Logitech has one or two with RF support, but they cost significantly more/higher up in their model range.

As for getting a universal remote that will natively control the PC that has an RF receiver in it, doubt you'll find any of those, at least ones that are worthy of being called a universal remote.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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