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Without knowing your budget it is hard to recommend anything.

A refurb Harmony 890 or a Next Generation Remote Control Extender with a standard battery powered universal remote would be the low end. For the high end there is too much to list.

Remotes to stay away from probably relate more to the cheapest ones... In my time with Harmony remotes I went through three 880s, sold the third one and bought an 890. Then went through two 890s and a third 890 was replaced with a 900 (since it is now discontinued) that I sold without opening it. I will say that Logitech backs up thier products within their one year warranty, but my experience with them doesn't show they have a lot of longevity. Hopefully the One and 900 are a little more robust.

I'm now using a URC MX-980.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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