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I am running some additional cabling in my house and need some advice. Obviously running from equipment cabinet to wall plate is the best situation but I can't get that accomplished. So my thought is to run cables from the equipment cabinet up into the attic space and terminate them into a bulkhead (basically patch panel for RG6). Then run from that bulkhead to each individual wall plate.

Now, I'm not necessarily concerned with the 'extra' connectors but I am wondering what's the best way to construct the bulkhead. I have seen 19" rack panels with holes in them for F style coupling connectors. Should the F-F connector be isolated from the metal bulkhead or is this not a concern?

I have seen plastic 'washers' which are designed to isolate the connector from the bulkhead but they are usually part of another assembly and I haven't seen them available with the connector themselves (by themselves).

FYI - there will be various signals using the RG6 cables - satelite in, composite video, component video, subwoofer audio, analog audio, digital audio, etc. I want to use the same bulkhead to make my connections.

Any advice would be appreciated before I have to do it twice (or more) chasing down noise, etc.

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