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RG6 to component connection?

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I ran RG6 when home was under construction. I have about a 50ft run to equipment Rm. I ran 3 RG6 cables in thoughts of making a component connection from cable box to tv. How are others making this connection? I dont see a RG6 to component adaptor out there?
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I use digicon connectors and have used many of these type

Click Here

Buy extra so can try a test one or two first.

- Rex
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That looks like the ticket! I did some looking and didnt see where I could just buy the connectors already made up? Id rather not buy the tools for only a few connectors. Thanks
That probably didnt make sense now that I read a little deeper into these. Looks like that compression tool is a must to attach it to the RG6. There website doesnt give a price for this. Any idea?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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