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Hi All,


Hope I posted this to the right thread.


First this is my setup.





Wii U


Gaming PC

Receiver: Sony STR-DH540

TV: Sony KDL-55HX850


PS4, XBOne, Wii U, Gaming PC are connected to reciever

PS3, XB360,Wii are connected to TV.

TV connected to Receiver through HDMI for PS4 etc.

TV connected to Receiver through Optical for PS3 etc audio to receiver.


Now this setup has worked perfect for me. Until Today.


My problem is neither my PS4 or XBOne work with my receiver anymore. I have Audio but no Video.

Ive swapped HDMI, Replaced HDMI, Swapped Ports with old and new cables on Receiver and TV, swapped consoles between all ports, and power cycled every machine.

My PS4 and XBOne work with my TV fine. Ok so i thought receiver is bad??? strange thing is.

PS3, WiiU, Xbox360, and Gaming PC, and Wii All work on my Receiver fine.

Next i thought it might be a 1080p display output problem so i forced PS3 to output only 1080p and ran a game that supports 1080p. works fine on receiver.

I used the PS4 and XBOne yesterday fine now today they both don't work with receiver.

I havent messed with any settings on any device and to my knowledge no updates have been applied to anything.



What would cause these 2 consoles to not work but everything else to work.


I cant figure this out any help is appreciated


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