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That's not quite what I want though. I want to keep the menu structure (for scene selection, audio selection etc).

For example, I have a few films that when loaded, ask what language I want to use. This will be a simple list, such as:






Then no matter what you select it will take you into the Main menu area based on the laguage you just selected.

It is this first language selection I want to remove, so that when playing a film it goes straight to the main menu in English, where I can still choose what scene, audio track etc.

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Get dvdfab. There is an option that when selected jumps to the main menu when the disc is inserted or when played through WMC. Then you can do what you want from there. All region 1's should be English audio by default unless they are in another language to begin with AFAIK. I dont know where you live though.

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Originally Posted by ldoodle /forum/post/18201945


On films that have a language selection as the first menu choice, is it possible to edit the files so that it goes straight to the English version of the film?


INstead of messing with the data, why don't you configure your player to use the audio track that you want by default. They almost all have that option.
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