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Riser hand rails? DIY or otherwise

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Hello all.

Time once again to dip into the knowledge pot.

Im currently upgrading my HT again. Im adding a riser with additional seating.

My question is, where can i get rails for the riser?

my fear is that somebody can/will trip and fall in the dark while watching a movie. although i have also though about adding lighting to the riser, i figure adding a rail also wont hurt.

Im searching galleries and i havent seen any in use yet.

can anybody point me in the right direction?
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thanks BIGmouthinDC

thats exactly what i was looking for.

i guess its all in how you search for it.

not in my price range at this time.

now that i can see it up close, maybe i can DIY it....

back to playing the numbers game with the wife.
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You could DIY with stuff from these guys:

I had someone walk right off my riser one day. Everyone was told to use the steps. I have step lights, but she didn't go that way. She walked right off the side and might have hit the wall on the way down. She said she was fine. I haven't put in a rail yet, but I still plan on it.
You could have a custom exhaust shop bend up a railing and then spray paint it yourself. Can be done pretty inexpensively.
Originally Posted by Tedd
You could have a custom exhaust shop bend up a railing and then spray paint it yourself. Can be done pretty inexpensively.
This option seems interesting. I have a friend thats a manager at a muffler shop.

what kind of pipe can i use?
I saw this trick used in a magazine where the stair rail needed to be custom fitted, but the budget was pretty much depleted. I don't recall the exact diameter used, but it was just exhaust pipe that they used for custom bent exhaust systems. It was then sprayed painted black before installation. The results were impressive.
Wow, a muffler pipe is a neat idea. Probably would be cheap, too. Probably just run-of-the-mill 2" exhaust pipe would work great if you were going to paint. Of course, if you're going to attach it to the riser itself, you'd still need to have them drill and weld flanges on the ends to bolt it to the riser.

A metal fabrication shop could probably weld something up pretty inexpensively, too. You could use something like 1.5" square-tube and install a wood cap on it to dress it. Or, you could get stainless steel 1" square - or round. For the stainless look without the price, you could use mild steel, but sand, clean, and spray clear on it. Or...

I bought 1.5" cold-roll square-tube steel a few months ago, and it was only about $2/foot so a small fab shop might be able to build something fairly inexpensively.

Just want to thank Toxarch for the outwater link. Found a whole bunch of stuff I have been looking for!

excellent suggestions ecrabb and Tedd !!!

never thought of the metal fab option!.

outwater site was also great. they have everything from A-Z

ive been surfin around the galleries all day and i havent found any yet.

ill keep looking in hopes to find a style i can try to duplicate

quicky snapshot of what i will "try" to create
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