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I am about ready to build my riser. I am picking between 2 theater recliners- the streamline (lets call this chair A) or the jive (lets call this chair B) from Roman (rtheaters.com). The streamline has a 43.75" back height; the jive is 41.5". The room is 17 feet long (12.5 feet wide). I will be building a 6.5 X 12.5 foot riser in the back of the theater for the row of 4 recliners. The ceiling height is going to be 7'4". I am deciding between Screen 1 (106" which is 52" X 92") and Screen 2 (110" which is 60 X 102). How big of a riser would I need with:

Chair A + Screen 1

Chair A + Screen 2

Chair B + Screen 1

Chair B + Screen 2

This will help me enormously. Thank you in advance!!!!!

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Screen height is a factor also. Put some tape where the screen will be and then put some mock chairs up to help you out.

In my case I built a riser out of 2x12's with osb on top. It was the perfect height for me but my screen is higher than many people like so you'll have to do some visual tests.
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