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Riva Tuner, nVidia BFG 6800GT and Asus A7N8X Deluxe question

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Hello, hoping someone can help me out here... I'm not computer expert, but am pretty good at tweaking.

It seems as though my system is tearing quite a bit lately (in video) and I never used to have a problem.

I installed Riva Tuner to tweak my system, and (although my A7N8X Deluxe Mobo is listed as AGP Pro 8x) in the Riva Tuner, it gives me NO AGP controls at all, and say's it's PCI.

Can this have something to do with bad transfer rates I'm getting?

I have the following hardware:

AMD Barton 2500+

Asus A7N8X Deluxe Mobo

512 MB Ram

BFG 6800GT OC Video card

Revo 5.1 Sound Card

Win XP SP2



Anyone have any ideas?



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I had the exact same issue a few months ago.

You need to download the latest chipset drivers.

It's been years since I bought a new system and I haven't been keeping up with the latest tech so I imagine you're in the same boat.

It's not the motherboard drivers.

And it's not the video card drivers.

Go to ASUS website and look for the latest "chipset" drivers.

Apparently the AGP system now-a-days has its own.

I feel so old. :mad:
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Thanks filmnut!!! I'll do that....
Also, did it make a difference with your setup? (for the better?)
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