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What would be a suitable receiver for Polk RM6750? It's just for me and my gf watching TV and movies at night and wont get used until then.
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What's the budget?

How many sources?

Any interface requirements?
Well it's just for our bedroom so like a couple 100 bucks for receiver, 100-150 for DVD player which aint worried about right now. What's interface?
Originally Posted by edster922
Here you go, $260 shipped:

Hey dude that's awesome I might consider that. But does it have a sub output so I can hook up my little 8"?
Never mind on that sub I just found it. It does have one. Thanks for the suggestion man that's awesome!
you're welcome, just be sure to post here with your impressions when you get it all set up.

Digital switching receivers offer amazing bang for the buck. There's some chance that you just might like that PE receiver so much that you'll try it out on your main system! : )
LOL hey you never know!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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