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road warrior- faulty disk?

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i just recieved my road waarior hd-dvd and there seems to be no rear speaker audio

the warner brothers intro on the movie does (the one on the actual move title chapter 1 )but when the credits role for the the movie there is no rear

anybdy else having this problem

i am watching it through my htpc.

all my other titles are fine
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i just did some more checking

there is sound but its so low it can only be heard when putting my ear right to the speaker

best scene to notice the missing rear sound is the start when the screen goes from 1.33:1 to 2.35:1 and the interceptor roars.

the standard dvd had the sound go over your head. now its completely missing

i wonder if the blu ray version is the same
I belive the Blu-ray is the same. It is the mastering of the audio itself. I too noticed the DVD & laserdisc sounded better during the opening color shot of the supercharger on Max's car.
My version doesn't have any rear sound also. I was just going to send it back tomorrow for another copy.
The audio sounds no diff than the original DVD, they enhanched the video thats about it, No your disc's aren't faulty

Read about it at madmaxmovies.com, look in the discussion area.
if you switch to the foriegn languages, even though they're in dolby surround, youll hear how the title to chase sequence should sound.

and i hate to say, it does sound different to the dvd

the sound in the front speakers are great, dont get me wrong but i sure am missing that surround sound coming from behind me
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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