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Rochester NY HD OTA reception

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I'm a new adventurer into the HD world; bought an RCA 50" DLP a few weeks ago. I currently have cable (non-digital package), but am waiting for the sat/local channel situation to settle down before deciding whether to go cable or dish for my HD input. In the meantime, I got an amplified indoor antenna (can't put up an outdoor one due to homeowner association restrictions) to see if I could pull in the couple of Rochester HD channels that are broadcasting OTA. When I hook it up and run the TV "channel capture" menu item, it finds the SD broadcast channels (with poor picture quality), but neither of the HD channels. I was hoping to find WXXI on 16 and WOKR on 59. As added info, I'm located in the Fairport area near Woodcliff.


[1] With the antenna I have, if I can get a signal from the SD channels should I also be able to get the 2 HD channels ?

[2] Could I have been doing the "channel search" at a time when the HD channels weren't broadcasting?
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Hi ChuckHur,

Does your TV have a HD tuner in it or are you using an external HD tuner? A lot of the DLP TVs have just an analog tuner and no digital high definition tuner. When they have no HDTV tuner in them the TVs are sold "HDTV ready".

Chuck, I run www.rochesterhdtv.com drop by if you'd like to chat with people from the Rochester area about HDTV topics.

Thanks for the reply. My TV has a built-in HD tuner. Its a true HD TV as opposed to an "HD ready". I'm really a newbie in this area and am just starting to gather info on things like OTA, sat and cable offerings. I'll drop by rochesterhdtv and perhaps even re-post my initial questions.
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