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Rockland 110" blackout cloth buy

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I'm preparing to buy the roll of fabric and would like to get a feel for how many people are interested and how many yards each would like. The reason for asking is shipping costs. It's going to cost $120.00 to get the roll shipped to my home! it is not creased and is shipped as a 112" roll. Also shipping to everyone is going to add to the cost as well. And I'll more than likely have too fold it in half for individual shipments cause UPS doesn't accept anything over 108" long. So total cost per yard is going to be about 7.00 per yard plus shipping costs from myself to you! So who all is interested? I'm not set up for paypal so Cashier check or money order is my payment request. hope that's not a problem.

I'll give it a few days so all interested can responed. And friday I'll place the order and post all the final info.


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And I'll more than likely have too fold it in half for individual shipments cause UPS doesn't accept anything over 108" long.
Hmmm....I just shipped a screen via UPS and on their site it says that 130" is the maximum length, not 108".

It's going to cost $120.00 to get the roll shipped to my home! it is not creased and is shipped as a 112" roll.
How much does the roll weigh? Do you have the exact measurements of the carton it is shipped in? Where is it being shipped from? What carrier are they using? Maybe we can find a person who lives close enough to pick it up http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif Or at least find a cheaper carrier and arrange to have it picked up from their factory, if they will allow it.

Either way, I would be interested in at least 6 yards, and as much as 10 yards, depending on who wants how much. I'll take 10 yards if available, but can settle on as little as 6 yards, so don't buy a second roll if it is just for the extra 4 yards. You get the idea http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif


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I'll take 5 yards. I do hope that shipping won't be a problem. Definately double check the length issue so we can keep it crease free.

But whatever happens count me in for 5 yards. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
This cloth is actually 110" by whatever yard length we specify? Will you be able to ship this rolled, not folded so that we get it fold free?

If so, then I'll take 4 yards, enough for 2 screens.



The roll will ship from Baltimore Maryland via truck, Yellow frieght lines. It's weight is aprox. 120lbs and is in 15"x15"x112" carton. I called Ups the gale said 108" max length maybe she was mistaken! Plus finding 112" shipping cartons may pose a problem, I'm open to suggestions though!

I have access to 98" shipping tubes.


Depending on the # of yards there would be the possibility of rolling for shipment. Even if folded it will still be shipped in a roll!
Jamz, yup, 108" is correct. I just rechecked on the UPS site and I had read it wrong the first time. 130" is the maximum length plus girth combined. Oops, my mistake. Freight is never cheap, so I don't think it is worth checking around for a better price just to save a few pennies.


I plan on checking local sources first, but I am some what interested in 4 yards.

What is so important about about the 110 inches? Most rooms are 96 inches tall. To me a 72" tall screen would

be plenty, so if you take that 2 yard (72") and re-roll it in that direction, you should have no problem with UPS shipping.

BTW, I tried looking at KBK's suggestion on painters drop cloths at HD made out of Blackout material - All I could find was 9' by 12' pieced together units.
You can iron the crease out using lowest heat setting and clean protective sheet on top. Dry cleaner can press this for you too. Steam ironing will work well also as long as you put some tension into it (bungie cord or stretched on frame. There is always some wrinkles in it no matter how careful you try. My 54" blackout from fabric store had minimal wrinkles but ironing made it perfect. Just don't overheat as it'll burn the dye and give yellow or black dots on screen. Don't use too much force while ironing either as it can stretch vinyl backing. I know, I've done both and ruin my first batch of blackout :-(


Huey ;-]
Any idea what the cost of shipping one of those 96" tubes would be? I did a quick check and ups was 48$ ouch. Might have to live with folding it since half that length is $13.

I think this should weight about 2.5lbs / yard is this a fair assumption?
If folding it saves that much in shipping then I have no problem with ironing it once it gets here. I would like to keep it below $50 for 5 yards. If it is going to cost a bucket load to ship then I might be more inclined to get 2 yards.

I just got my LT150 today so the sooner the better. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
if it 110" in length, I probably want 2yd.

i want to try and make a screen that is 49x87 in 16x9 formate to compare to grayhawk screen that i have now.

i will post a review between two screen.

I'll take 5 yards...

There must be a member on the East Coast who would do this (to save initial shipping...).

5 yards *2.5lbs/yard = 12.5lbs - say 15#. That is ~$10.45 shipped USPS as another option...
Were @ the 50 yd mark now so if anyone else is interested we'll need another roll!! And yes 2.5lbs per yrd was estimated buy Rockland.

I will take 5 yds

e-mail with info


I'll take 4 yards. Pls e-mail details.

Put me down for 4 yards - email the details
Going to extend the order out until monday. The salesman was not in today or atleast didn't return my calls. So monday it is, all interested people post here and I'll try to get enough material for everyone!!



Have you decided if you are going to ship it folded, which I think we concluded you had to? Are the estimates of shipping (around $10-$15 for 5 yards) correct? If so then keep me on for 5 yards.
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