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Ron's New House - Speaker and Rack Placement, Wiring, Remote; Opinions Please

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We are building a new house, see drawings. The 1st floor will be the only HT until the basement is finished in a few years. The kitchen, cafe and living room are open except for an I-beam bulkhead behind the couch and a 10"x10" cover for the steel post supporting it. A large TV wall was designed into the house and we are hopefully set on the LCR, TV and sub placement.

Current Equipment List:

Paradigm Studio 100 v.4 L &R

Paradigm CC-690 Center

Paradigm ADP-590 Sides

Paradigm Titan Bookshelfs for the Rear

JL Fathom f113

Pioneer Kuro 5020

Denon 4308


HTPC - JRiver Media Center for Music

Armstrong Cable Box

Harmony One

  1. Surround Placement - Probably can't use the ADP-590s. Was thinking 7.1 with In Ceilings next to the couch and Bookshelfs on top of the kitchen cabinets. Or 5.1 with only In Ceilings in the kitchen and cafe. The latter is the preference but (a) west of the bulkhead will block some of the sound to the living room and (b) location over hardwood will reflect a lot of noise. Which or other is best placement?
  2. Surround Speaker Choice - Budget TBD but thinking $500-$1k each

    - Paradigm SA-15R-30 ( http://www.paradigm.com/products-current/type=inceiling/model=sa-15r-30/page=overview ) but they don't have pivoting tweeter?

    - Sonance 832 R ( www.sonance.com/products/speakers/detail/326 ) with a large enclosure? www.sonance.com/products/accessories/detail/320

    - Other?
  3. Equipment Rack Placement - Goal is to reduce heat and noise, free up space by moving to basement. A 50' HDMI will allow rack to be on the basement west wall. Next to the mechanicals is most out of the way but I am leary of putting so much $$ near the furnace. Is that a concern? Have not yet purchased, thinking just an open rack on casters. Where is the best location?
  4. Cable - A wiring guy suggested HDMI and 2 sets Cat5 to the 5020. Is there any other cabling I should have on the 1st floor? e.g., 3mm jack to connect phone or tablet.
  5. Remote - He pushes Universal Remote and suggests an RF remote. Is this better than a sensor by the TV to transmit remote signal? Should I try to use my 8yr old Harmony One (it does act up occasionally) ?

I know many of these topics could go elsewhere but it is more coherent to post all together. I will help myself but studying other threads, but we are getting close to having to make decisions so input and direction would be greatly appreciated. Please LMK if any questions and thanks in advance.

1STFLOORAudioMarkup.pdf 202k .pdf file
BASEMENTAudioMarkup.pdf 231k .pdf file


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Well the hard part is done. The builder originally wanted me to use Guardian to do the wiring. He only offered 16ga speaker wire and Snap HDMI and I was trying to convince him to install wiring I would purchase. We did a half hour walk through and I ended up scaring him off. The "custom" builder wouldn't let me use a professional installer so I ended up having to work with his electrician. I got lucky and the crew lead was sympathetic to my cause so he did a bangup job.

The big question was where to put the equipment. The project manager agreed to finish the area below the stairs in the basement, worked out perfectly. Here is what we ended up running from under the stairs to various locations:
  • 500' Monoprice 12ga to 5 speaker locations in LR, 2 on deck, 2 in Office
  • 16' Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 for Subwoofer
  • TV in LR and Office: Each got 1 Monoprice Redmere HDMI, 1 BJC Belden Series-1 HDMI, and 2 Cat6. HDMIs were from 30 to 45'.
  • Monoprice 35' RCA will go to a wall plate on kitchen counter (Will have a Y to 3.5mm to connect phone/tablet)
  • There are 4 dedicated outlets in the equipment room, all connected to a 100A sub panel in the basement. The upper outlet has a top switched location so that I can mount a light under the stairs.
  • The sub outlet (not shown) is 20A.
  • There are 4 Cat6 runs for Ethernet, 1 to LR, 2 to Office and 1 to upstairs... just in case. Will probably put a WAP in the Office to get good signal throughout the house.

Leaning towards Harmony Ultimate. Only went with 5.1 in the LR as it is not really a big space. Still need the rears, tending towards the Triad Silver Surround.

Here are a few pics of the wiring. First is the TV wall, second two are the equipment room in the basement.

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