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Hey folks,


After searching for almost a day, i finally found an existing thread on AVS for the very same thing that I want to do and posted my question in that front of all the experts! But I did not hear back from anyone hence decided to create a new thread.


I have a 2013 vehicle (mid size SUV) that has a rear seat DVD system to watch movies while on long trips. This rear seat entertainment system came factory installed in my car and I specifically selected the car model with a rear seat entertainment system, for my 3 year old son to watch and enjoy!

Within few days I found that it is not integrated with my car stereo system, dosnt have inbuilt speakers and the ONLY way to hear sound is through 2 sets of wireless IR headphones, provided to me during the car purchase. (Long story shot, I was really pissed off with the sales person who told that it is integrate entertainment system, with Bluetooth headsets etc etc, and finally found, the system is not integrated and head-sets were infrared instead of bluetooth - Called manufacturer and they said, the system is working as designed.)


As don't want my son to wear the headphones (neither he wants to) and I want the sound of my roof-top IR dvd player to play sound through the car stereo system (wireless - do not want any wires hanging), I got a re-chargeable FM transmitter and hooked it in one of the headphone jacks (built in the roof-top dvd player) and tuned the same station on my car stereo. Works fine, but off and on, I have to unhook the FM transmitter from the headphone jack, keep recharging it (a car charger is provided with it), or keep changing stations, which is a pain.


Because my car stereo has bluetooth receiver that can play music I tried another solution as below (just because it had more battery backup (up-to 7hr):

I got Miccus Mini-jack TX: Bluetooth Music Transmitter (from amazon), paired it with my car stereo bluetooth receiver, hooked the bluetooth transmitter to the built in headphone jack of roof-top dvd player. But it did not work, as my car stereo bluetooth receiver assumes that a phone is connected and only give options to "Make Call", "Dial", etc


So to find another alternate solution, I thought that my roof-top dvd player is transmitting infrared and my headphones are acting as a receiver, so if my IR headphone has a 3.5mm jack output, I can use a 3.5 mm audio cable, with one end in my headphone and one end in my AUX input of the car stereo. But then I found that my IR headphones do not have a 3.5mm jack output.


So my question to you all is ... is there a IR receiver device (other than a IR headphone with 3.5mm jack) with one end as a IR receiver (that can be hooked always for charging with my car lighter socket), that will receive IR sound transmitted by my roof-top dvd player and other end as a 3.5 mm jack, so that it can send out the output through the 3.5 mm jack hooked to my in my car stereo AUX input?   



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