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Hello all,

I ask for opinions/ideas/critiques and the occasional bashing of my idea. Attached is a drawing of the beginnings. As I'm rather unskilled w/Sketchup I chose to sketch as we used to.

Please keep in mind this drawing is not to scale....not even close. However here are the details:

room dimensions: viewing Length: 15', W: 13'3" H: 6'8"

This is a second home purchase, so the basement is finished in the practical sense. I'm trying to avoid gutting the room. Notice the second pic and you can see its current state. -yes, it's ugly.

All of my components are fairly low end by the standard of many here, but I'm very happy w/them. In fact, the sound in the room is acceptable to me, I'm more concerned w/dressing up the room and containing the sound. -Right now it vibrates the kitchen floor; can't have that.

w/that, what am I missing, what should be changed, what is just ugly?


what works?

Thanks in advance for any input,

R Davis

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