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Been creeping on the forums for some time, never signed up. Finally purchasing a home with a space I want to dedicate to media area. About the space: It is approx 15 x 20, will have wide double door that opens into the kitchen/great room area. Three windows on the right side. My plan is an area that is home theater like but I am able to throw open the doors, put on the game and entertain. Just seeking some advice. I plan on a projector, the builder will install power for me and HDMI for projector along with speaker wiring. I want to project on the far wall, "110 painted screen. Simple 5.1 surround I think and I plan to have low shelving under the screen to house the various components. I am thinking sectional. I have a choice of carpet color so not sure what to pick? I also need advice for room color? Blinds to block out the windows? But able to open as needed. Ambient lighting? I prefer total dark but many do not so the lighting is needed. I am also considering a 46" LCD somewhere in the room so the projector can get a rest
Any and all advice is welcomed.

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