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I bought a WD TV and I've been learning the hard way that the raw/original .avi file from my Sony Mini DV is not recognized by the WD TV. With the help of some good people within this forum I'm been given advice that although I don't fully understand I really appreciate.

So I've learned how to change the file format using the software Hanbreak but I'll need to down load some codec (no idea how and where) since now my WD TV will play the movie my PC won't play it...

Also, I like to edit and put effects on my movies but while using Windows Live Movie Maker the 1 hour movie file ends up as 1.6 GB from the original 11 GB and as WMV3 and not the WD TV supported WMV9 (don't know if it will be recognized by the WD TV).

Any advice on what format to use and what editing software I should use on my home movies? Please keep in mind this is a rookie and I'd rather not have to buy any additional software.
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