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My build thread for my room is in the Media Room Section but I though these questions may be better served in the dedicated area. If not I can move it. I have been reading about room acoustics for days now, the master thread, searches, etc. and I think I am ready to take the next step. I was thinking of buying equipment to measure the room but wanted to know if it is even worth it based on my room layout. I currently have Audyssey going through my Denon x4000 and I think it sounds great, but I am the type of person that always looks for ways to improve things or want more knowledge. That being said.

Do you think my modest little media room is worth treating or getting equipment to measure the room? If so, what would you do for room treatments? Any input would be greatly appreciated as I feel filled with knowledge after reading the master thread on this and other threads but it also have confused me more.

Room size 15'9" x 10'9"

Ceilings are 7'6" in back area and 6'6" in front area

Here are pictures of the room and the equipment I own. I also currently own 7 small framed movie posters, glass fronts from my old house that I was originally planning on hanging around the room until I started to read about room acoustics.

Only picture I have of the back wall, before carpet and door paint

Front of room, notice AV Closet on left side

better view of right side

better view of left side

This view shows how the walls are behind the main listening position. both sides are the same behind the LP, the only difference in the front is the AVCloset on the left side.

here is the Audio gear I currently own

AVR: Denon X4000

Speakers : Definitive Technology

L & R: Mythos Five

C: Mythos Seven

Sur L&R: Mythos Gem

Sur Back: UIW63/A Round In-Ceiling Speakers

Sub: Supercube III

I appreciate any thoughts or input. The room currently sounds good to me but I always want to improve. I also like it to look clean so that might be an issue with some of the stuff I have seen while searching.

link to my build thread

thank you

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Originally Posted by outlanderbz  /t/1523279/room-acoustic-questions-thoughts-for-my-room#post_24502483

I have been reading about room acoustics for days now, the master thread, searches, etc. and I think I am ready to take the next step.

I got your PM and I'm glad to reply here.

If you've been reading for days you know that all rooms benefit from corner bass traps, plus absorption at the side-wall (and ceiling) reflection points. Most rooms also benefit from absorption or diffusion on the rear wall behind the listeners. You could measure your room but it's not strictly necessary. Just doing the basics as described will make a huge improvement. No graphs are needed to prove what you'll hear very clearly. But measuring is useful, especially if you're interested to learn more about why acoustic improvements change the sound as they do. The Room EQ Wizard software is free, so all you need is a USB microphone and a laptop as described here:

Room Measuring Primer

I don't usually read this forum section, so if you have follow-up questions you'll need to send me another PM.

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