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Room Acoustics with Anthony Grimani

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Hi guys,

Found this video and thought I should share it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raAyF5ksbkk

It's long, but I found it very informative.
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Originally Posted by goneten  /t/1517911/room-acoustics-with-anthony-grimani#post_24360409

I found it very informative.
In that case, there is a thread about this video:

As well as a longer thread on the sequel video:
My bad. I found the videos while browsing Youtube.
No bad on your part. Any mention of those videos on these forums is good. I was just pointing you to the discussions, since you liked the videos.
Good video, and something people should note is that the diagrams of the rooms showing the sound reflections has symmetrical rooms with the speakers placed symmetrically in the room. ie.. both speakers are the same distance from their respective side walls.

A lot of AVS forum members here haven't even got that basic level of setup yet, as time and time again you see photos of people's rooms with one speaker in a corner up against a side wall with the other speaker in the middle of the wall length in free space. People should be more concerned with addressing these fundamental errors even before they start worrying about absorption and diffusion panels.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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