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Well, due to a wonderful design with the ceiling of my bonus room I need to revisit the large 4:3 screen.

I can make a 106"x60" 16:9 screen that will fit well. I would now like to do the DirecTV signal and antenna to 4:3 inside the 16:9 area. This will not be a big deal to me since the previously huge 4:3 screen would look like, well, hell.

So, running an HTPC as the DVD and passthrough for the DirecTV signal I will need to do the following (and here is where I need a sanity check)

1. Change the LT150 to native mode resolution

2. Run a custom desktop setting depending on the media being displayed (umm, I think I am wrong here)

3. Run DirecTV into the video card (ATI AIW or WinTV-Go) and out to the LT150

4. DVD and desktop will go to the LT150 with no problems.

I guess the main question is: How do I get the HTPC to run the 4:3 in the middle of the 16:9 screen without having to jump through hoops every time I want to change the source? Some of the prior archives seem to lead to the fact that people are using multiple input to the LT150 rather than the RGB via HTPC.

I will be upgrading to the HD DirecTV receiver later, but with all of the cash that I have blown on the theater now, I need to wait a few. Or find one for a lot less than what they sell for now.

Thanks for the input.

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