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I have an entry level setup. With progressing it as money allows for the maximum benefit. I enjoy sitting back in the chair, sometimes with a book, sometimes with nothing and just listening as time allows.

If my room is 13x20. Is the optimal speaker placement 2' from any wall so Effectively I will have my speakers 9' apart? (13'-2'-2'). If I do this does that place the optimal seating somewhere around 7 to 9' back?

Am I going about this correctly?

The room is basically a blank slate (except existing doorways, fireplace, etc). Its my retreat from the family, though when I am in a good mood they can visit.


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There is no mathematical formula for setting speakers up in a given room. There are too many other interactions that negate that formula.

The best measuring equipment is your ears - use them. It might take a few days/weeks/months to find the best placement but experimentation will yield better results than any formula. I have a pair of Infinity IL40s that are (IMO) great sounding speakers. I've read many times how they'd sound best (rear ported) close to a wall - I've found the best bass response at about 3' off the wall - not the 12-18" off the wall as so many will tell you. They work for my ears placed there and thats all that counts.
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