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Room Treatments for dipole speakers

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I just put three Hawthorne coaxial dipole OB's into my theater. I have 2 2" OC 703 2 X 4 panels (ATS Acoustics Panels) on each side wall, three along the back wall, and have three left to put on the ceiling. My room is 12' X 20'. I will also be stacking cut triangles of rock wool in the front corners as bass traps. I planned on tube traps, but no room. As far as I've read, the conventional wisdom seems to be that the front wall should be dead and all other walls to at least absorb the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reflections without over deadening so as to keep the music as lively as possible. BTW, I am trying to optimize for music and take what I get for HT. Does this all still apply for dipole LCR speakers? I know that to really do this right, a professional acoustician should probably be involved. I am just curious whether all the standard acoustic rules are thrown out the window when using dipole speakers versus boxed speakers.

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You got some responses over at ht guide...

I always thought the dipoles were better suited to 2-channel music vs. a multi channel processor creating the sound stage and controlling the reflections.

Listening to some classical now...and thinking how nice it would sound with dipoles.
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