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Room Within Room Traps Theater Sound

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Room Within Room Traps Theater Sound

Innovation allows a volume-loving film fan to keep his boom without disturbing the family.

The owner of this theater loves movies. No surprise there. But what you may not notice from the rather tame-looking interior is that he likes to play his movies loudreally loud. Dad's penchant for ear-bleeding acoustics could have been a big problem for the family, but thanks to some proactive design work by Connected Technologies of Colorado Springs, CO, this theater can crank out the audio without disturbing a single soul elsewhere in the house.

Several bedrooms are located directly above the entertainment room, so keeping the boom, bangs and bloodcurdling screams inside the theater was a top priority. The only way to isolate the sound totally from the rest of the house would be to build a completely new room within the existing structure. New walls, floors and a ceiling would have to be builtnone of which would touch any portion of the original framework. The only part of the house that was implemented into the design was a concrete wall. At nine feet high and several inches thick, it was basically inert, explains Connected Technologies president Robert Ridenour. So we used it as the foundation to support the entire theater space.

For a better peek at this space, including additional photos and an equipment list, check out http://www.electronichouse.com/artic...theater_sound/
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