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RoomEQwizard for dummies.

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Is there a point for me to even bother? I got a cheap checkmate cm-130 SPL, it really helped with balancing especial the sub & back speakers. I am learning more& more about treatments & traps. It's the math & practical meaning of terms that is throwing me. Basic concepts:Where and how to find 1st reflection pnts?

I am looking for a tutorial that not only shows me how to use wizrd, but how to apply it to room acoustics and speaker placements. A lot is taken for granted for knowledge. Which is fine, it looks like a good program but take a look below, the intial description of wizard and this symbol ? of what I dont understand:

Room EQ Wizard is a Java application for measuring and correcting room resonances. It includes tools for generating test signals, measuring SPL and frequency responses and automatically adjusting the settings of parametric equalisers ? to cancel the effects of room modes ?. It was initially written to help with the setup of the parametric TMREQ filters ? on TAG McLaren Audio AV32RDP and AV192R ?, but the latest version also supports the BFD Pro parametric filters? (with correct modelling of the effect of the bandwidth control?, which is quite different to the description in the BFD manual? ).

Measurement is stepped sine?, with local loopback? for soundcard response compensation and DFT ?to isolate the measurement frequency. Log swept sine measurement? and impulse response extraction ?are on the dev list but some way off. The Wizard can also import measurements in the ETF export formats? or from text files in a basic comma-delimited format - details are in the help files, which can be browsed online at the site and are included in the program.

The sig gen? provides sine waves to 0.1Hz precision?, sine sweeps (linear and logarithmic)?, square waves and various pink noise signals including "full" range (pink spectrum down to just below 10Hz?), speaker cal?, sub cal ?and custom filtered? to suit your needs?.

Note that the app requires V5.0 or later of Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed, available from http://java.sun.com/j2se/downloads.html

Hope it proves useful.

Well..... :)
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I think you'll find everything you need here . Except maybe how to paste text into a post without getting all those question marks...
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