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WalMart has 18' Ropelights @ 50% off. I bought 6 yesterday when I was there. We'll do the stairs to the basement/ht. My cats will love it!

So will I that woul't need to turn on the entry lights during movies anymore. I like it DARK!
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Nice deal. I was thinking of framing the screen with these, for before and after the movie.
I have amber rope lights (see pics on my website below). They do emit a fair amount of light but not enough for me to turn them off.
I just bought several of these rope lights and put them in my theater room and up the staircase... It initially was pretty bright so I wanted to put them on some kind of a dimmer. I went to radio shack and bought a remote switcher, dimmer (Smart home stuff).

It works really awesome now.. I have it on bright before the movie begins and dim it way down as the movie is playing.. This way, guests can find their way up the stairs in the dark theater..

I would highly recommend these rope lights if you have them on a dimmer. Cheap upgrade to your theater.

got my rope lite dimmer at Lowes. About 4 different settings, nice touch for my rope lites..
Originally Posted by taxman48
got my rope lite dimmer at Lowes. About 4 different settings, nice touch for my rope lites..
Taxman48, do you have an item number/sku on the Lowe's dimmer?

I bought a rope light dimmer at a local lighting store- when I was picking up a sconce for my stairs- same place as where the ropes will eventually live ;)

We just put up a ton of posters on the walls- we did Owens Corning for the basement ($$$$) but it's an acoustic black hole- no reflected sound at all, and really bland walls. OTher thatn that, it is like an anechoinic chamber. Great form movies, but I'm still tweaking the surrounds.
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