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Rosemary's Baby Glitch

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Both my wife and I had never seen "Rosemary's Baby" over the years so when I saw it was on HDNet movies this month I recorded it.

We sat down to watch it and as the end approached as Rosemary was moving toward the baby's cradle, the recording stopped, TiVo had not recorded the last few minutes. It looks like the guide data was wrong, the guide had the movie as 2:10 when it appears it is 2:16 on the HDNet web site.

Ok, so that sucked and after saying some nasty words I set up another recording. TiVo claimed the new recording was 2:15, I added another 15 minutes to the recording time just in case and waited the week or so until it recorded again. It was to be recorded on Friday afternoon. We both got home that Friday and anxiously skipped to the last few minutes. Yes there was Rosemary at the baby's cradle...waiting for the punch line...and the screen goes black...then a few seconds later the credits are rolling!!

Did they cut something out??? We have never seen the movie before so we don't know!! I can't believe it was a recording glitch. Was it cut out because the movie ran during the day??

When I look at the HDNet web site, it lists the movie will record a few more times this month. But only on two of the days it plays it has "Classic" in bold text. Is this in some way showing the different between a cut version and an uncut version?

Here is the list of titles and if you look for the movie on that page you will see what I am referring to.

Thanks for any info!!
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if cutting is the case then they cut a huge scary part of it. SPOILERS...They basically show her reaction to the baby demon(satan's child)...with a horrifled look on her face she keeps screaming "what's wrong with his eyes...what have you done to his eyes...my God what have you done to his eyes". They never show the baby's face but they show a quick glimpse of the devil's red with cat pupil eyes over imposed on Rosmary's face.SPOILERS

I remember I had trouble sleeping after that scene but I was young then.
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