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Rotating Sliding Rack in a Base Cabinet

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Well I'm done with the first version of my media room and for the most part I'm happy but there are a few things that are bugging me. One is all my equipment is located in a rack in the front of the room. Now while this is a nice MA rack with custom shelves, the noise and lights are bugging me a bit. I may just decide to put some sort of door on it but not sure at this time.

One option is to relocate the equipment to the rear of the room, not reallying looking forward to it because of the wiring, and putting the equipment in base kitchen cabints and having a sliding rotating system to slide the rack out and rotate it to get access to it.

I was curious if anyone has done something like this and what their thoughts of it were. I can't use full height cabinets as the back of the room opens up to the kitchen.
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I built two sliding, rotating pads for the equipment in my den. Since the equipment is in a built-in cabinet over a 57" RPTV, it makes for much easier wiring configuration/ reconfiguration.

I am about to start on some modifications in my HT. I intend to do the same thing with the equipment sliding out of a corner cabinet at an angle and then allowing rotation for rear access.

Good luck with your design!
 www.avrak.com has some animations of their racks that can do as you propose. The Avtrak and how it works will be of interest to you.
Yah, that is my plan something like that but a poormans version with some drawer slides and a lazy susan.

I used extension units that were designed for extending and rotating TV sets from cabinets. The ones I bought have a load rating of 150 lbs. and work fine. I don't remember the exact price but I think they were about $20-25. For the HT rework, I am going to use separate components as you describe because I want them to pull out at a 45 degree angle.
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