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My quest for a new receiver is still on...

I started a couple of threads before but didn't get much help. I feel left out...

Anyways, right now my path seems to be leading to these 2 receivers: Rotel 1057 or Outlaw 1070. Recap of my requirements:

1) don't care much about latest video features or HDMI connections

2) receiver must function as pre/preocessor and power center and surround channels

3) I have a Rotel 1070 2 channel amp to power the mains (Martin Logan ESL), 2ch stereo music is well covered

4) prefer clean natural sound without too many frills (10000 different soundfields, none worth to listen to...)

5) replacing a Yamaha RX-V2500

Both these receivers can be purchased well under $1K, which is why I have discarded a $2/3K investment for separates. Arcam (AVR200 or AVR250) could also be taken into consideration, but harder to find for me and maybe a little more pricey.

Question #1: can anyone offer valid arguments in favor of more "conventional" receivers like Denon, Onkyo or Pioneer Elite?

Question #2: if #1 is no contest, which one between Rotel and Outlaw?
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